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Game Development - Choosing the best company for development of your application

The world of mobile games has been evolving impressively, with new technologies and high-end processing powers being introduced almost every other quarter. This has led to a increase in the overall development cost a bit - which almost every game development company is ready to bear. But what if you are getting the best programmers and talented game designers that too at a low cost? Excited? Intrigued? Then this is the time to invest in a 3D game development company in India and to help you realize your dream projects into reality.

GlowNight games has emerged among the fastest growing mobile game development companies in India, having developed a variety of custom and top-notch technologically advanced games.
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Reasons to outsource your dream gaming development project to GlowNight games:

Value for money

We have a plethora of custom plans to cater to all your development needs, which can be fully customized as per project's requirements. We make sure every penny of our customers are spent efficiently, without charging any hidden costs. Not many mobile game development companies in India provides such levels of transparency to their clients.

Best resources on offer

Whether it is your existing buggy application or a new game that you need to build from scratch - we have a bench strength of highly skilled developers and project managers who can handle all your custom requests with ease. We as a 3D game development company in India have the best resources to work on 3D games, which is our forte.

Creativity at its best

Not only our developers, our game designers are well versed with the amalgamation of unique sounds and graphics into the gaming application. When you'll work with us, you'll feel the difference of the magic our developers and designers unveil when they work on the development your mobile game.
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Rigorous Quality Checks before delivery

It has been observed among many mobile game development companies in India that they perform Beta testing only - i.e. after development, they directly test their codes on client's environment, without even performing Unit testing on their environment. This is a major cause of delay in many projects, and STL ensures and performs all the necessary checks before delivering final application to its clients.

GlowNight games have become a pioneer in delivering quality products and services in the gaming application development domain and has been ranked among the best 3D game development companies in India. With increasing development costs associated with mobile game applications, it is quite obvious that you would require to outsource your projects to the pool of talented Indian programmers. Then why not outsource your projects to GlowNight games, which is having proven track records of handling big development projects. If you wish to know more about our products and services, do contact us today.

How Unity is shaping the future of Gaming Industry

Just a decade ago, developing a gaming application was such a daunting task - you had to invest a lot of time and money - plus you required resources with expert skill-sets to develop it across multi-platforms. But with the introduction of Unity Gaming Engine in the market, all the development related woes have literally vanished in one shot!!!

It is a powerful cross platform engine having the capability to support almost 27 platforms at one go, including Desktop, Console and of course, the mobile sphere. Due to this level of support and flexibility that it provides, it has nurtured a plethora of skilled Unity Developers across India. Many foreign and indigenous firms are looking to hire unity developers in India for their mobile application development requirements. Also this has led to establishment of many Unity 3D game development companies in India, which are setting up benchmarks in providing quality services to all its clients. GlowNight Games is one such Unity 3D game development company in India, helping companies/firms worldwide to transform their multi-millionaire ideas into a successful and popular gaming application.
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Unity 3D has come a long way in terms of evolution - it has recently started the support of AI and VR within its IDE. If we go by the facts, the global gaming industry is predicted to touch the mark of around $118.6 Billions by 2019 Also, AI and VR are catching up too, and is estimated to reach a whopping $120 BILLION by 2020, which is quite a feat as these two technologies have been recently introduced. So if you as a business owner are looking to hire unity developers in India, you should invest in Glow Night games for development of your gaming applications. We have a bench strength of skilled workforces, fully qualified to handle all your custom gaming application requirements in Unity 3D.

When you partner with Glow Night games as your Unity 3D game development company in India, you are assuring yourself a gaming application with the most creative, attractive and appealing graphics, which will surely leave your audience/customers in awe. You are delivered with more enhanced and high quality of code that too in the most competitive of prices, which is totally a steal. 

The gaming industry is still evolving and on the rise. With the advent of AI and VR, which are still considered to be in infancy, now is the time to invest in these technologies. If you have an idea and looking to hire unity developers in India, then look no further than Glow Night games. Who knows that your gaming idea might become a hit and help you earn big!!!
Contact us today for a free quote and to know more about features and services on offer.

Outsource your next Game Development Project to India and feel the difference

Game development companies in India are growing rapidly. Reason - the increase in the number of outsourced projects along with an increase in the number of people playing games in India owing to an increase in the sales of smartphone devices. Seeing this positive graph, many stakeholders, like business companies, entrepreneurs, and other entities have started to invest in gaming application sphere, where according to a research, the focus is mainly on Unity 2D/3D game development companies in India, just because the Unity game development engine is the most popular engine nowadays among developers.
Market expectations from games of future is increasing day by day too - with the advent of AI and AR, there is a demand for more ‘realism’ and ‘life-like’ features to be incorporated within the games. Though this is not an impossible task to achieve from development point of view, but this level of expectation surely increases the overall development cost. We all know how cost can be the deciding factor of the fate of many Game projects, and many times the overall quality and delivery time of a project are affected due to it. This is another reason to invest in a Unity 2D/3D game development company in India, because you can save lots in terms of your overall project budget, without even compromising on the quality of the resources.
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If we look at the Global gaming market trends, after Japan and China, India is becoming one of major powerhouses in terms of the number of Game development companies engaged and in terms of the amount of business getting generated by Games developed by these skilled Indian developers. The day is not far when India would become a market leader, as it has a huge potential in terms of highly skilled, talented and educated workforce to back upon. Other than the cost factor, if you are looking to get a gaming application developed with a unique and creative touch to it, then you should totally outsource your projects without any doubts.
With such an outburst of talented programmers, designers and other technicians, game development companies in India are becoming a priority for most of the foreign clients to outsource their current and upcoming game development projects. Be it the Android sphere or the world of iOS games, GlowNight Games is one of the fastest growing Unity 2D/3D game development company in India, with lots of creative and quality games under their pockets developed for their clientele. Plus, if you are looking for a game development company in India offering great services at competitive prices to its clients without any hidden costs, then GlowNight Games is your answer.
Please contact us today for a free quote and consultation, and we would be happy to assist you.

Need to Develop Quality Gaming Applications at Affordable Rates - GlowNight Games is your Answer

Over the years Unity Gaming Engine has picked up amazing popularity among game developers in India owing to its features and flexibility it offers to business owners. Unity for mobile truly lives up to its motto - ‘Build once, deploy anywhere’. It has become a pioneer tool to develop interactive content for 3D games. But with all these popularity, there is a ‘problem of plenty’ in the market - i.e. currently a lot of game developers in India are available, and if you are a Business owner looking to hire Unity3D game developers in India, then before choosing the resources and the development tools, you need to first understand which types of games can be built ideally with Unity3D gaming engine. Read along.
Unity3D engine can be efficiently utilized for:
  • A game that requires to render the laws of physics:- Games involving motions, gravity, air-resistance, push and pull can easily be developed with Unity3D, which usually becomes very difficult in case you are using any other development engine.
  • A game which needs to be developed across multiple platforms:- For instant popularity, your game should be published on all popular platforms like mobile, web, desktop, console and nowadays, VR too. This allows your game to reach a variety of audiences and helps you monetize even better.
  • A game which allows users to feel life-like experiences when played:- Unity3D allows developers with tools and techniques to easily insert such life-like features into the game, like shadows, supported 3D background music, interactive fonts, etc. without involving much development.
  • A game which has an architectural design to accommodate future updates:- Once the app has been released in respective app stores, based on user reviews, a constant update is required which might require to change the overall look and feel of the screens or the whole app itself.
  • A game which can be developed in less time without burning a hole in your pockets:- If time is your enemy, then Unity3D is your saviour!!! Unity provides a comprehensive editor which makes development of game fast and easy to test, saving a lot of time for final release of the application, and in the development world, less time means less money.
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If you are about to hire a Unity3D game developer in India, it is worth noticing that the core of developing any Games in Unity is experience. GlowNight Games has a panel of game developers in India who are not only well-versed with this gaming engine, but also have an eye for creativity and ownership. You can surely go ahead and hire Unity3D game developer in India without giving a second thought to the above set of qualities - but this can prove fatal for your overall game development project in the long run, because your app should be self sustaining in retaining users and this type of development needs experienced resources. For more queries and concerns, contact GlowNight games now and we would be happy to assist.

Kick start your 3D gaming experience by knowing more about Unity3D Development

The curve of gaming industry is growing upwards and it is a multi-billion dollar industry now. In this era of gaming, we have seen so many examples of successful 3D Game Development Companies in India who are doing their business with consistency and taking it to the next level. So it is definitely worth and a right choice to invest in the 3D gaming market. Are you looking for one of the best unity game developers in India for your 3D gaming projects? Welcome, this article is for you, read along.
GlowNight Games houses one of the best unity game developers with rich expertise in 3D gaming and we are the fastest growing 3D game development company in India. Application developed by GlowNight Games are known for their amazing 3D gaming experience, serving widespread across multiple platforms and devices like mobile phones, tablets and what not. Let’s take a moment to understand why you should invest in Unity3D as your game development engine:
  • Firstly, 3D gaming industry is a behemoth moving at full pace and showing no signals of slowing down. Developing a 3D game takes a lot of hard work, dedication and expertise. Unity is one of the best cross-platform game engine and it allows users to create 2D and 3D games as well as simulators for multiple platforms.
  • Secondly, Unity editor is very easy to use editor for game development and the developers love it !!! You will be amazed how visual everything is when you create a project with it. This editor allows easy integration of external plugins and tools with the Unity interface. It is more focused towards simplifying the workflow of game development and with the right expertise of the unity game developers that we have, you can be assured of timely delivery of your application.
  • Thirdly, Apart from the built in packages supported by Unity, it also supports scripting with three robust languages - C#, JavaScript and Boo. In comparison to other engines, Unity is one step ahead for its flexibility to behavior of objects. Owing to the fact that scripting languages are used, it results in flexibility of design and faster compilation time.
  • Fourthly, the Cross-Platform support that Unity provides as a gaming engine is incredible. With just few tweaks in your code and with fewer clicks, you can expand the visibility of your application across multiple device and OS types.
Do you need unity game developers who can align their vision with yours and build a game of your dream? Want to turn your gaming idea into a successful business venture? You don’t have to go anywhere else and contact our team right away. We at GlowNight games, a 3D game Development Company in India strive towards making noteworthy applications at the cost effective rates.

Challenges Associated with any Mobile Game Development

Many of you might have seen the huge success of popular mobile games like Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, etc. The level of business these game development companies have earned just through an application is tremendous. And this is what most of the new or upcoming mobile game development companies in India usually focuses on - but what they totally miss out on is the basic know-how of the challenges they are about to face in their journey of mobile gaming industry.
With the advent of technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), the mobile gaming industry has received a huge boost over time. Word is already out that popular game development engines like Unity, supports AR and VR already; and any business owner having an idea for a gaming app would have surely invested in a Unity Game Development Company in India, without even thinking about the technical feasibilities based on the requirement of their app. Such mistakes are quite common, and that’s why at GlowNight games, one of the fastest growing Unity Game Development Company in India, we have decided to put up this article to educate you all.

All your development, sales and project management strategies, should be able to counter below challenges, both before and after your gaming application is released to respective stores:
  • Future Updates and Bug fixes: For existing applications, it is quite important to retrospect and roll out newer versions of the app on timely basis, which are bug free and incorporates new features required to sustain in market. All these processes becomes daunting, if no planning is done in advance.
  • Multi Platform support: In modern times, it is almost a requirement for all the applications to be available to users on all the OS and modalities like Web and mobile. For this, you need to hire a mobile game development company in India, which can handle such requests and deliver.
  • Deciding upon the Monetization strategy: This is the most trickiest of the issues that are faced by app owners, and often decides the fate of the application. It is quite challenging to decide how you plan to go ahead with the monetization policy for your app based on the current market trends - you might offer it for free, or can allow users to pay, or instead, can launch it is a freemium application.
  • Increasing Sales: Along with all the development and other back end processes, at the end of the day, you need to focus on your sales strategy too, because that's what helps you to earn through your application. You need to make sure development is done according to market needs and users' requirements, so that you never have to worry about your sales figures.
If you have an idea with a prospect to be converted to a successful mobile application, look no further for any other mobile game development company in India and contact our team right away. We at GlowNight games, a Unity Game Development Company in India, follow a customer-driven approach, where we help them strategize and advice on all the aspects of their application, including both technological and marketing forefronts.

Choosing the right gaming development company for your application

If you are well versed with technical know hows of game development or you represent a mobile game development company in India, you must agree that choosing the right game development engine for your app can affect the overall look and feel and the outlook of it. A Gaming engine defines and controls the actual production cost, the development life cycle durations and its support over multiple platforms, and all these factors are responsible for the overall success of your app.
Unity as we all know, has emerged as one of the market leaders owing to its open source nature and multi-platform support. Its popularity has created an ecosystem for many (external link removed) and their numbers are still increasing day by day as the demand for quality mobile and computer games has increased simultaneously. Having said that, it is quite important as a customer to invest in a good Unity game development company in India.
Below are some of the factors that you should consider while choosing a mobile game development company for your application:

Should offer Competitive pricing:

A good development company should be flexible in its pricing and should offer customized plans to its customers, based on the application's needs. What's the point of purchasing sophisticated hardware and billing clients for same for a mobile application which hardly is of 50MB in size and having limited users?

Should be ready to offer multi platform support:

With Unity, you get multi platform support by default, in case you need to migrate your gaming app. But what if the developers of your application development company lacks such migration skill sets? Such investigations should be done prior to selecting a service provider company for developing your application.

On-Time Delivery:

Probably the biggest disappointment on part of any mobile game development company in India is the lack of timely delivery. Reasons can be many, but choose a company which has proven track record at this front.
It is important to note that often Business owners are lured by many of the Unity game development companies in India in the name of low costs, which is usually signs of poor quality. We at Glownight Games, instead have a very comprehensive and transparent set of plans for each customer, which can be easily customized according to their needs. At every phase of the project, detailed planning on resources and costs are done, until customer satisfaction is achieved. Not many (external link removed) are flexible and transparent at such levels in their operations.
If you have a gaming idea and want to transform into reality, you should contact Glownight Games today, and we would be happy to answer to all your queries and concerns.

Why you should choose HTML5 for your next game development project

Gaming industry is rapidly evolving in terms of technologies being engaged, primarily due to billions of dollars it generates for respective game owners. So keeping up with latest technological trends is quite necessary if you want to be in business, specially if you are a 2D game developer in India, as industry is swiftly moving towards 3D game development and you might fall behind!!!

In this article, we talk about how HTML5 is shaping up the 2D game development arena, and why game development companies in India should consider it while working on their next game development projects. Read along. 3.jpg

Advantages of HTML5

  • Plethora of Engines and Frameworks available: There are many popular gaming engines and frameworks available in market (mostly Javascript based) which supports both 2D and 3D game development in HTML5. Popular HTML5 frameworks and engines include Unity5, Construct 2, Play Canvas, Phaser and Turbulenz, which provide pioneer set of tools and environments to make HTML5 game development a piece of cake.
  • Cross Platform support: One of the biggest advantages of using HTML5 for game development is its compatibility across various devices (like web,mobile,etc), browsers (like Chrome, Safari, FireFox, etc.) and Operating Systems (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.). With just a little tweak in code, a single game can be implemented across multiple platforms with ease using HTML5, making it one of the favorites among 2D game developers in India.
  • HTML5 is open source: Being open source, many good engines and frameworks now support HTML5 to provide all the necessary tools and technological advancements required to develop a full-fledged standard Game. Moreover, HTML5 provides an extensive set of standard APIs and libraries, which helps developers to extend them readily into their current projects and deliver industry-grade application.


  • Faster Development Cycles with less Cost: Once development is complete, developers can run and see the effects real-time, as the code check-in process is very smooth. That’s why HTML5 has become one of the preferred technologies among game development companies in India, as it helps them save a lot of time in terms of compiling and debugging during development phase, which ultimately brings down a project’s ‘man-hour’ cost involved.

About Glownight Games

Glownight games is one of the fastest growing game development companies in India, offering standard and highest quality game development and maintenance services to its customers. Glownight has a specialized team of skilled 2D game developers in India, who are experienced enough to handle a variety of custom game development requests involving high resolution animations and graphics with innovative designs.

For any free quotes and more information, contact us and we would be happy to assist you.



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