How Unity is shaping the future of Gaming Industry

Just a decade ago, developing a gaming application was such a daunting task - you had to invest a lot of time and money - plus you required resources with expert skill-sets to develop it across multi-platforms. But with the introduction of Unity Gaming Engine in the market, all the development related woes have literally vanished in one shot!!!

It is a powerful cross platform engine having the capability to support almost 27 platforms at one go, including Desktop, Console and of course, the mobile sphere. Due to this level of support and flexibility that it provides, it has nurtured a plethora of skilled Unity Developers across India. Many foreign and indigenous firms are looking to hire unity developers in India for their mobile application development requirements. Also this has led to establishment of many Unity 3D game development companies in India, which are setting up benchmarks in providing quality services to all its clients. GlowNight Games is one such Unity 3D game development company in India, helping companies/firms worldwide to transform their multi-millionaire ideas into a successful and popular gaming application.
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Unity 3D has come a long way in terms of evolution - it has recently started the support of AI and VR within its IDE. If we go by the facts, the global gaming industry is predicted to touch the mark of around $118.6 Billions by 2019 Also, AI and VR are catching up too, and is estimated to reach a whopping $120 BILLION by 2020, which is quite a feat as these two technologies have been recently introduced. So if you as a business owner are looking to hire unity developers in India, you should invest in Glow Night games for development of your gaming applications. We have a bench strength of skilled workforces, fully qualified to handle all your custom gaming application requirements in Unity 3D.

When you partner with Glow Night games as your Unity 3D game development company in India, you are assuring yourself a gaming application with the most creative, attractive and appealing graphics, which will surely leave your audience/customers in awe. You are delivered with more enhanced and high quality of code that too in the most competitive of prices, which is totally a steal. 

The gaming industry is still evolving and on the rise. With the advent of AI and VR, which are still considered to be in infancy, now is the time to invest in these technologies. If you have an idea and looking to hire unity developers in India, then look no further than Glow Night games. Who knows that your gaming idea might become a hit and help you earn big!!!
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