Why you should choose Unity 3D as your next game development engine

Since its introduction in 2005 at Apple Inc.'s Worldwide Developers Conference, Unity as a game development engine has been ringing bells and gaining attention for long now, and has given rise to many unity game development companies and freelance unity game developers in India.
In present times, it is termed as the most powerful and user-friendly cross-platform game development engine, and actually it is an ideal development engine designed for all - doesn’t matter if you want to become a Pro unity game developer in India, or a Novice developer who is just learning to sail with the tides.
More than 40% of the games available on Android, iOS and other mobile platforms are supporting Unity 3D. Let’s discuss some of the key advantages which Unity 3D brings to the table, which has made it one of the favorites of all the unity game developers in India.

Graphics Support

The engine provides high quality graphics (both audio and visual effects) support to your game, to render close to reality experience to the viewers. This surely will help your user engage more towards the game and increase its popularity.

Cross-Platform Support

The most obvious reason for Unity to become popular among developers and unity game development companies is its support across multiple platforms. Currently around 25 platforms are supported, and gives developers to render the game across mobile, web, TV, VR, console, etc, to name a few. This is the most difficult task to accomplish if you talk about game development, and Unity handles it like a piece of cake !!! Also this cross-platform development helps in rapid development using Agile methodology, as a change in code could be handled and tested real time across all the available platforms.

The Unity Editor

The Unity IDE comes with the most efficient and powerful editor, with multiple language support. It has some in-built features, which makes the task of development very easy. Some of the most important features supported by the editor are:
  • Unity Play Mode: Provides you real time access inside the game itself, where you can preview the particular scenario or section of the game by playing it instantly, where you get the ability to pause it too.
  • Unity Multiplayer: Unity provides a very cost-effective solution to mimic and create a multiplayer environment while development, so that you get the best out of your code and see and enhance the features related to network and other aspects of a multi-player game.
  • Unity Analytics: The editor has a in-built analytics feature, which can provide real-time insights about the game so that you can make appropriate tweaks and see instant results.
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